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A progressive jackpot slot machine is one that contains a jackpot which increases each time a game is played and the jackpot is not actually won. When the jackpot is won, it then proceeds to reset to a predetermined value, and increases each time as before. Each time the game is played, the jackpot increases by a small increment. Often in casinos, there are multiple progressive jackpot machines that are linked or pooled together. This increases the amount of the jackpot, and it turn, it grows increasingly quicker due to the higher frequency of use between multiple machines. It is more likely that each play will result in a loss, allowing the jackpot to increase steadily. This methodology can be seen in many other games such as the lottery or poker machines. In addition, there is not set cap on how high the progressive jackpot number can reach, making it all the more exciting for its players. Much like with virtually every other type of game, there are different types of progressive jackpot slots which we will go into below:

1. Standalone progressive slot machines

2. Local/Proprietary/In-house slot machines

3. Wide area progressive slot machines

4. Random progressive slots

Standalone progressive slot machines

This type of progressive slot machine is typically found in land-based casinos, or those that are not located on cruise ships or riverboat casinos. These machines are unique as it features a progressive slot meter that features the exact number of the current jackpot. This allows for the gamblers in the vicinity to get excited and take their shot at winning the big jackpot. These machines are standalone, meaning that they are not connected with any other machines in the area. Therefore, the jackpot only increases with plays on this specific machines, so you won’t see an increase as frequent as those machines that are interconnected. Instead the amount increases with the small amount of coins that are used to start the machine. Again, the jackpot amount is small in comparison to slot machines that are connected.

Local/proprietary/in-house progressive slot machines

These slots are linked to multiple different progressive slot machines located within the area. They are known as more of a ‘network’ of machines, than a single slot. Typically, these games are created in the casino by employees, or by a specific gaming company. Sometimes machines are able to be linked together even when located in outside casino locations. This is due to the fact that they are usually created by the same gaming provider and given to these different casinos. The progressive jackpots offered by these machines are much higher than the standalone progressive slot machines because they see a lot more action in terms of how many times they are played throughout a single day.

Wide area progressive slot machines

Out of all the different progressive jackpot slot machines on this list, these ones are by far the most popular, and widely utilized in the casino world. These machines are linked over a network of machines throughout multiple different casinos. The jackpot on these progressive type machines grows increasingly quickly as the machines are utilized by thousands of different players. Due to its high rate of use, the wide are progressive slot machines jackpot can extend into the millions, making it a lot more exciting than some of its sister progressive machines. A win on one of these could completely revolutionize the players’ life. After all, who couldn’t use a couple million dollars? The only downside presented by these types of machines is the wide infrastructure costs that are required in setting up this type of network within casinos. As a result of these expensive costs, the payouts on these machines are typically limited.

Random progressive slot machines

Depending on the individual slots gameplay, random progressive slot machines often dole out their jackpots at random. And then there are other categories that run specifically according to specific slot games. These are sometimes known as Mysterious Progressive Slot Machines. This category is typically comprised of two different types known as minor progressive and major progressive slots. Typically, they work as a multi-tiered progressive slot. Players of these types of machines can win small, albeit regular minor progressive slots, while they play for bit, yet infrequent major progressive slot machines.

Tips on winning on progressive jackpot slot machines

Since you are now acquainted with the diverse sorts of progressive jackpot slot machines, certain tips will prove to be useful when playing these types of games. For starters, it is a good idea to keep an adequate reinforcement bankroll when playing them. The greatest wager ought to be put on all the spins to have the most triumphant possibility of winning. The player ought to note that distinctive opening machines have diverse wagering limits. Continuously, keep tight control on your financial plan. You will never win each time you play for the progressive jackpot. The charm of attempting to win the dynamic big stakes now and then makes the player run over the edge with their wagering limits. These tips and tricks will guide you on how to win the Progressive Jackpots. The betting necessities and T&Cs of withdrawal of the big stake sum must to be noted before playing these types of games. Always make sure to peruse the fine print before playing with genuine cash, as you do not want to become just another gambling fool.

In conclusion

As we discussed prior, a progressive jackpot builds each time the game is played until somebody ultimately wins the prize. This is one of the best slots you'll discover. There is no settled point of confinement to the ultimate jackpot, so the result can be quite generous. The higher the stake rises the more noteworthy the chances of a win. Much of the time, the numbers will climb rapidly which likewise enhances your odds at winning.
Another advantage is that you don't need to contribute a great deal of money or go out on a limb. You can appreciate the invigoration of taking risks without the dread of completely decimating your wallet. The excitement will build paying little heed to regardless of whether you're playing the amusement. When you participate, your cost to play will be the same as anybody else's, and you'll have similar chances to win. Numerous web based slot games offer dynamic big stakes that can be won at any minute amid play. You don’t need to bother with a triumphant hand to acquire the money. This gives all players trust, which adds to the energy of the game. A few slots additionally offer players numerous progressive pots, so you can build your chances in a basic and direct way.


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Mega Fortune

To bring the authentic feel, Mega fortune utilizes images like cash clasps, favor rings, limousines, bourbon, stogies, gold watches, and precious stones. This game can duplicate your underlying wager by 100 and furthermore grants free twists. So how might you get huge rewards? The key is the reward image. At least three wheel symbols on a dynamic pay line will enact the reward amusement.

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Cleopatra Mega Jackpots

This amazing slot game created by IGN has an Egyptian theme and is based on historic events. This game features five reels with 20 paylines, and is uniquely designed for optimum fun. You can win up to five mega jackpots alongside multiple bonuses. In the bonus round you can even enjoy 15 free spins!

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Jackpot Giant

This slot created by PlayTech features 50 paylines and five reels. It tells the exciting story of a volcano that erupts money instead of lava. This game is unique because it has a continuous jackpot. To increase your chances of winning you must get a bonus icon on the first reel.