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How to Win at Slots

How to Win at Online Slots - The Secret Formula

Honestly, there's no method or guaranteed formula explaining how to win at online slots every time. However, there are things that players are able to do to ensure they have the best chance of winning.


Players learn quickly to choose the slot games they play wisely. A rule of thumb is that the larger the number of reels in a game, the larger the payouts are likely to be. However, the best odds tend to be offered by the three reel machines. Players also do well to remember that it is the progressive slot machines that have the largest payouts, but the returns are much lower than with regular slots. Summing up, slot games with a greater number of paylines increase a player's chances of winning, and those with more reels offer greater payouts.


Before anyone even considers playing online slots games, they need to determine what they can afford and therefore what the bankroll will be for playing. It is important for players to stick to this so they don't lose money that they can't afford. Having done this, players should choose a good online casino, not only researching the place's reputation but also checking the payout odds on the slots they offer. These can differ, even if only marginally, from site to site, and even a marginal difference increases the chances of winning. You can check the best here. With the casino chosen, players should check the odds on the game they are attracted to play. Each slot may be unique, but it is usually the ones with the higher value coin requirements that offer the higher odds. Have a look at the best slot payouts games here.

Slot types

There are many different slot types and it is really up to the player which slot is best for them. The best way of choosing is to practice first by playing online free slots. Although, here you can find different slot types and their advantages:

1) 3 Reel Classic Slots

They are modeled on the original machine developed by Charles Fey in 1895. They have three reels, depicting an assortment of theme-based images like fruits or playing cards. When these fall in a matching pattern a winning combination is created. Players can insert up to three coins and play between one and five paylines. Due to its limited amount of reels, with these slot machines is easier to get a winning combination. Also, the more coins inserted, the bigger the payout.

2) 5 Reel Slot Machines

They work in pretty much the same way as 3 reel classics slot games, but with 5 reels it's slightly more difficult to create a winning combination. Although slot games with 5 reels, which usually accept up to five coins a spin, tend to offer a better payout than 3 reels slot machines when you hit the winning combination.

3) Video Slots

They are the most common slots games and come in 5 Reel or 7 Reel versions, although some 9 Reel video slots are being developed. They display as high as 25 or even 50 pay-lines, offering players a huge variety of ways to create winning combinations. Besides that, these type of slot games have more advanced graphics and user interface to offer a better gaming experience.

4) Progressive Jackpot Slots

They offer steadily growing jackpots for players who accomplish the best winning combinations. Each time cash is fed into the slot, a percentage goes towards the progressive jackpot until the prize is triggered. In some instances, these slot games have made people real millionaires.

5) Bonus Slots

They award free bonus spins for combining three or more of the bonus symbols. Those bonus symbols, and whether they are available on a particular machine, can be found by viewing the PayTable. The more bonus symbols a player combines in a single pay-line, the more bonus spins they will receive. Many bonus slots award larger payouts for those winning combinations that come from bonus spins specifically. So, playing bonus slots can certainly multiply your winnings.

6) Multi-Reel Slots

They are for players who need more excitement when they spin the reels. They are played like 3 reel classics slot games, but offering 5, 6 or 9 sets of reels instead, each activated by a single coin. The chances of winning are lower here, although the players that hit a winning payline obtain a much higher payout. Thus, enjoying bigger rewards.

Some extra tips

1) Play online free slots before you tackle the real money games 2) Check each machine's rules so you understand the terms as these can differ. This will also aid understanding the bonus rounds and paylines to make on each bet. 3) Know the minimum number of coins required as well as the denominations and ensure to bet the maximum to activate all paylines. 4) Because slots are run on a random number generator, there's no point in being superstitious. 5) When on a losing streak, try something else. 6) Bet higher amounts when winning and lesser amounts when losing. This extends playing time and stretches the bankroll, to give better chances of winning. 7) Know when to quit.

Practice first

As you may know by now, there's no secret formula explaining how to win at online slots. However, as with everything in life, preparation is key. So the importance of practicing can't be over-emphasised. Get to know the dynamics of each game by going to www.freeslots365.com where players like you can try out online Free slots - indeed 1000+ of the best slot games!